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Our Success Strategies

Be Friendlier

Our friendliness strategy is to hire more friendly people and attract guests back by being friendly, radiating helpfulness, being more courteous, smiling more and making more eye contact. We never ever cause guests to be irritated by the feeling of being ignored, unimportant or unappreciated.

Provide a Cleaner Restaurant

Our cleanliness strategy is to please guests and attract them back by providing cleaner facilities, more smartly dressed employees and sanitary conditions. We never, ever cause guests to be subjected to our germs, contract food poisoning or see finger prints, dust, smudges, crumbs, liter, worn surfaces, broken equipment, or tolerate seeing a meal mess or evidence that their table was used by others.

Provide Faster Service

Our service strategy is to astonish and attract guests back with faster, more professional service. We never, ever make a guest endure amateur service or suffer a wait to be seated, a delay having their order taken, prepared and served or experience unnecessary delays paying.

Provide Food that looks and Tastes More Delicious

Our food and beverage strategy is to amaze and attract guests back by serving fresher food that consistently looks delightful and tastes more delicious. We will never, ever cause a guest the distasteful experience of eating food that is carelessly prepared, bland, poorly seasoned, dried out, over or undercooked or served at the wrong temperature.

Provide a more Enjoyable Sensory Experience

Our sensory package is to delight and attract guests back by providing them with soft background music, comfortable seating, and a pleasant visual decor. We will never, ever cause a guest to be subjected to uncomfortable temperatures, hearing instructions to employees, our personal conversations, loud sounds or unpleasant smells.

Operate with Lower Costs

Our cost control strategy is to please guests with an unforgettable experience by providing clean facilities, faster, friendlier hospitality and more delicious food at the lowest possible cost. We will never, ever cut out cost at the expense of the guest’s experience. We use labor efficiently and food correctly as well as avoid wasting supplies, water, natural gas and electricity.

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